Swelab Alfa Cap

Take advantage of Swelab Alfa - the fastest cell counter in the world

Using the MCI adaptor on Swelab Alfa its less than 60 seconds between sampling the patient to ready results. Whether you are a small clinic or a hospital laboratory Swelab Alfa will correspond to all your needs and fulfill your requirements regarding safety and rapidity in your work.

The Alfa system is based on a new improved technical design with modern and sophisticated software, resembling standard operating systems such as Windows. It defines a new class of small counters offering direct Micro-Capillary Inlet, Barcode-controlled Quality Management and User Maintenance-free operation.

The four different Swelab Alfa models are named; Basic, Standard, Cap Piercer and Auto Sampler. Every model is state of the art and holds the very latest cell counter and automation technology.


  Multiple inlets
• MCI -20ul micro capillaries started directly
in the system.
• Pre-dilutes -Separate inlet with built in
dispenser function.
• Open tubes -With automatic cleaning of probe.
• Closed tubes -Available on Cap Pierce and
Auto Sampler models.  
   Multi-view function
• Display results as preferred.
• Classic view with histograms.
• Reference scales for quick overview.
• Sample list for analysed samples.
   Automated QC
• With the barcode-interfaced administration of
calibrators and controls handling is simple
and fool-proof.
   Patient profiling
• Programmable patient profiles with unique
analyzer settings. Create reports having
everything from just a HGB value or a full
blood status, or use this function to make
separate analyzing profiles for infants or
other patient groups with different
   Easy to use
• With Windows-like software and touch screen.