Centralized intelligent network

QUANTA Link is a powerful, easy-to-use workflow management system that gives you immediate control of all your autoimmune IFA, EIA, and chemiluminescence sample processing.

Reduces hands-on time

  • Seamlessly integrates intruments with your laboratory information system (LIS)
  • Efficiently controls instrument workflow
  • Effectively manges test orders and results
  • Optimizes quality control through trending and analysis
Workflow management made easy
Seamlessly integrates instruments with your LIS
  Manages autoimmune instrumentation, whether from INOVA or others
  Integrates with LIS systems
  Provides real-time status of all your samples
Efficiently controls workflow for IFA, EIA, and chemiluminescence testing
  Streamlines worklists and results to save you time
  Effectively centralize all QC results and trends
  Facilitates the creation and configuration of testing algorithms
Effectively processes orders and results
  Manages and configures slides, dilutions, and much more
  Creates worklists and sends them to the instruments
Lets you review, edit, and validate test results using your own criteria
  Creates customizable reports
Optimizes quality control
  Posts QC information from all linked instruments
  Provides trending over time
  Helps you spot areas requiring intervention
  Eliminates IFA transcription errors
For more information, visit www.inovadx.com.