En automatisert analysator for klinisk kjemi.

FDC NX500 er spesielt utviklet for små laboratorier, og krever ikke spesialkompetanse for å bruke. Brukervennligheten er satt i høysetet og det er



Classification Parameter Measurement range Unit (A) Measurement range Unit (B) Measurement time (min.)
Biochemical tests (Enzymes) ALP 50-3500 U/L 0.84-58.45 µkat/L 4
  AMYL 10-1800 U/L 0.17-30.06 µkat/L 5
  CHE 5-500 U/L 0.08-8.35 µkat/L 4.5
  CKMB 1-300 U/L 0.02-5.01 µkat/L 5
  CPK 10-2000 U/L 0.17-33.40 µkat/L 4
  GGT 10-1200 U/L 0.17-20.04 µkat/L 5
  GOT/AST 10-1000 U/L 0.17-16.70 µkat/L 4
  GPT/ALT 10-1000 U/L 0.17-16.70 µkat/L 4
  LAP 10-500 U/L 0.17-8.35 µkat/L 4
  LDH 50-900 U/L 0.84-15.03 µkat/L 2
  LIP 20-1000 U/L 0.33-16.70µkat/L 5
Biochemical tests (General chemistry) ALB 1.0-6.0 g/dL 10-60 g/L 6
  BUN 5.0-140.0 mg/dL 1.79-49.98 mmol/L 4
  Ca 4.0-16.0 mg/dL 1.00-4.00 mmol/L 4
  CRE 0.2-24.0 mg/dL 18-2122 µmol/L 5
  DBIL 0.1-16.0 mg/dL 2-274 µmol/L 5
  GLU 10-600 mg/dL 0.6-33.3 mmol/L 6
  HDL-C 10-110 mg/dL 0.26-2.84 mmol/L 6
  IP 0.5-15.0 mg/dL 0.16-4.84 mmol/L 5
  Mg 0.2-7.0 mg/dL 0.08-2.88 mmol/L 4.5
  NH3 10-500 µg/dL 7-357 µmol/L 2
  TBIL 0.2-30.0 mg/dL 3-513 µmol/L 6
  TCHO 50-450 mg/dL 1.29-11.64 mmol/L 6
  TCO2 5-40 ´mmol/L 5-40 mmol/L 5
  TG 10-500 mg/dL 0.11-5.65 mmol/L 4
  TP 2.0-11.0 g/dL 20-110 g/L 6
  UA 0.5-18.0 mg/dL 30-1071 µmol/L 4
Biochemical tests (Electrolytes) Na 75-250 mEq/L 75-250 mmol/L 1
  K 1.0-14.0 mEq/L 1.0-14.0 mmol/L  
  Cl 50-175 mEq/L 50-175 mmol/L  
Immunological test CRP 0.3-7.0 mEq/L 3-70 mg/L 5

FDC NX 500 Features

The basic procedure consists of 3 steps


How to use FUJI DRI-CHEM system

The system is very easy to use. It is designed to be used not only by professional clinical chemistry operators but also by busy doctors and nurses.

1. Pass the QC card through the QC card reader whenever you use slides from a new lot number. 2. Set slides on FUJI DRI-CHEM analyser. 3. Set a sample tube and an Auto TIP in the specified sample rack. 4. Input a sequence No. and a sample ID if necessary. 5. Press the "START" key to initiate testing. 6. The results are printed out to the printer. 7. For details of operation procedure, consult "Instruction Manual " for FUJI DRI-CHEM analyser.

The FDC NX500 automates various time-consuming dilution procedures done by hand such as pipetting and mixing. Dilutes automatically to a preset dilution ratio by merely setting the dilution cup and dilution solution.

Easy operation by touch sreen

Easy input of patient data


Presentation of results with qick indication


Help menu for assistance in test procedure and maintenance


Electrolyte measurement function

Multi-functional; many blood components can be tested.

Equipped with electrolyte measuring function.








Easy calibration

QC card system

Calibration of each lot can be performed easily by reading the QC card. QC information is memorised for up to two lots. Slide lot differentiation is conducted automatically.


Auto-dilution function

Automates the time-consuming dilution procedure

Completely automated, from pushing the START key to the printout of the data. There is no need to specify the tests beforehand since two lots of dots on the back of the slide can be read automatically to obtain accurate results.


Plasma Separation function for use in Point-of-Care-Testing

No pretreatment of sample required

Plasma Filter (PF) can generate a plasma sample by gentle aspirating and separating whole blood in primary tubes within 1 minute. Just set PF on top of the sample tube and press START

High reliability

Highly stable slides using excellent chemical technology developed by Fujifilm.

Excellent reproducibility of results, minimal fluctuation throughout the day and no data measurement differences due to different operators.

Quick operation and quick response

Operation is quick and so requires less time to acquire test results.

TAT (Turn around time): Time required for 12 tests: ca. 9min. *TAT is the time from when slides are set until final results

New tip shape for faster mixing speed

FUJI DRI-CHEM AUTO TIPS are newly designed to achieve higher mixing speed, resulting in more stable and reliable results.