Digital IFA microscope

NOVA View creates a new paradigm for automating the way IFA slides are analyzed, using digital technology to read and archive IFA images. Step confidently into the future of digital IFA testing with NOVA View.

A fully automated IFA microscope - combined with an intelligent digital imaging system - that reads and archives images of IFA-stained slides

Reduces hands-on time

  • Automated focus, reading and recording of IFA-stained slides help increase productivity by reducing time expended on manual operations

Supports standardization

  • Onboard digital imaging helps standardize IFA slide analysis
  • May help maximize the accuracy of classification
  • Delivers more objective results

Prompts appropriate analysis

  • Completes an initial review and analysis of all samples in each run
  • Classifies samples and identifies wells of interest for further study
  • Helps staff focus time and effort on slides requiring closer scrutiny

Facilitates case review

  • Creates high-quality digital images and stores them in an onboard database
  • for electronic medical record
  • for patient result report
  • for current or future case review
Step confidently into the future of IFA testing with the fully automated power of NOVA View