ACL TOP 700 LAS (NEW)For labs with Laboratory Automation Systems. Integrate seamlessly with Laboratory Automation Systems using off-board sampling for top performance in modern laboratories.  Versatile front-load capability without interruption of track sampling and unlimited STAT positions offers increased efficiency for high-throughput routine and specialty testing.

Introducing the ACL TOP 700 LAS, the first instrument designed for automation of hemostasis testing.

The ACL TOP 700 LAS can sample from both the automation line and front
loaded samples, allowing labs to maximize efficiency for routine and
specialty assays. Along with an unmatched capacity, flexibility and
efficiency are maximized.

ACL TOP 700 LAS Offers:

Open system compatible with most laboratory automation track systemsTwo sample arms - a point-in-space arm that samples directly from the automation line and a standard sampling armCommunications between the instrument and automation track occurs through the interface module, eliminating the need for a costly and slow robotic interface

System FeaturesContinuous operationSample predilutionCalibration curve predilutionSTAT capability (at any time, in any position)

Barcode Reader

Integrated sample and reagent barcode reader (bar-coded reagent tracking includes material name, lot #, exp. date, vial size and on board volume)

Software Features

Rerun/Reflex testing (configurable)Clot Signature CurvesFactor parallelismQuality control program (with configurable multi-rules)Results autovalidationEvents log systemBi-directional interfaceHost query functionSecurity system (configurable)Windows* XP